My Values 

Born in Melbourne to hard working parents where he was taught the value of hard work, teamwork, persistence and honesty.

Trevor has spent nearly forty years involved in education, policing, regional development and business around this great State of Victoria and have lived and/or worked in Horsham, Bendigo, Gisborne, Mt Evelyn, Melbourne, Bridgewater-On-Loddon, Shepparton, Ballarat, Mornington Peninsula and now Mildura.

 During his life Trevor has had his ups and downs in business and life and is known for his honesty, ‘giving it a go’, straightforward talking and persistence.  What you see is what you get.

Today, Trevor wants to serve Victoria as your voice in the Senate.  A voice that echoes your concerns.  A voice that cares.


independent candidate for the senate representing victoria

About Trevor W Nye

  • I care
  • Integrity matters.
  • True Representation-Service above self. 
  • Honesty is a given. 
  • Working together for the common good. 

Is nobody home in Canberra?  Do our politicians actually read the comments on web sites, blogs, letters to the Editor, emails, open letters to the PM, Ministers and to themselves?

This is why we need independents in the SENATE to hold the balance of power so that Labor, LNP and the Greens cannot SELL off our country to anyone with a fist full of dollars.

I am tired of politicians talking about having ‘a’ mandate to make changes; to me to have a mandate of the voting public is to have the majority in both houses of parliament – not just in the House of Representatives.

People who think use their vote to count by NOT having a majority in both houses as the Senate is the place where our democracy is safeguarded.

By having a Senate made of the three major parties, several smaller parties and with Independents, holding the balance of power, means that we do not get railroaded into having our policies and laws changed from one election cycle to the next or by the results of the latest poll.

Commonly the Senate is called a house of review – not a rubber stamp for the lower house. Our Constitution allows us to have such a situation as it guarantees that the States and Territories are represented and no one state, or groups of states, dominate the smaller States and Territories for the good of the nation (not the good of a party or coalition). The Senate is there to question, review and send Bills back to the House of Representatives – not just rubber stamp them.

I call upon all of our voters to make your vote count. Think outside the comfort zone and vote Independent this election – in the Senate and the House of Representatives. Vote for people who will work for YOU and for the good of Australia, not just tow the party line.

Trevor W Nye

Independent Candidate to represent Victoria